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144 Rand Pond Road
Goshen, NH 03752

Local: 603-863-9677
Out of area: 1-800-806-2897

Remember - Pay NO Sales Tax on sales in NH!

Gorgeous, versatile, practical; sturdy and durable for everyday use!
* Hand painted stoneware
* Oven, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
* Variety of patterns and pieces available in the store

Motifs are applied with stamps, sponges, and hand-painting — often with many hundreds of strokes per piece — each a little varied because of the human element. Fired at 2100F or above, any porousness in the piece is eliminated as it becomes stoneware rather than a ceramic piece – thus making it sturdy and durable. Glaze is added before the second and final firing and all paints and glazes are lead and cadmium free!

Makes a perfect holiday gift or start your collection with one piece — or several.

Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery